Bath-Tec is a manufacturer of quality cast acrylic Soaking Tubs, Whirlpool Tubs, UltrAir Tubs, and Shower Bases. All orders are shipped Factory Direct to the customer. When you purchase a Bath-Tec product you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

In order to reduce the possibility of errors when ordering and during shipment of your product personal contact by phone and fax is important. The following step by step order process is suggested for your convenience.

Step 1. Search through Bath-Tec's web site ( for information on available sizes, designs, colors options, etc. Request a color brochure if necessary.
Step 2.

Call Bath-Tec's Customer Service department and talk to a Customer Rep concerning any questions you may have or to request additional information by fax or mail.

1-800-526-3301 toll free or 1-972-646-5279 

Step 3.  When you are ready your Customer Rep will take your order over the phone and fax you a complete quote for your approval. 
Step 4 . Once you have approved your order, complete the Method of Payment form
and fax both forms back to your Customer Rep.

1-972-646-5688 (fax)
Forms of Payment Accepted
Checks, Money Orders, Certified Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express