BATH-TEC Whirlpool Bath

  Hydro-Massage Whirlpool Bathtubs (Water Massage System)

Erogonomically installed venturi style jets push the water on strategic parts of the body creating an invigorating or relaxing whirlpool massage depending on the selected intensity. Each jet is individually adustable allowing the bather a more personlized body massage. Bath-Tec's exclusive chemically treated, antibacterial piping inhibits bacterial growth creating a more sanitary bathing environment. Equipped with Bath-Tec's unique, optional Clean-Flush system, the internal workings of the whirlpool system can be quickly cleaned and disinfected before or after each use.

 Hydro-Massage UltrAir Bathtubs (Air Massage System)

This hydro-thermo-massage system blows pre-heated air into the bathtub creating thousands of invigorating air bubbles. Unlike the whirlpool (water) system, this external mixing of warm air and warm water causes the body to have the same physiological reaction as if it has been splashed with alternating warm and cold droplets creating a stimulating and therapeutic body massage. The air jets are designed to drain completely after each use and 20 minutes after the system has stopped it automatically activates a purge cycle that will dry the internal workings of the system and insure sanitary conditions. Therapeutic bath oils, bubble bath and aroma therapy solutions can be safely used with the air massage system.

 Dual System Bathtubs (Water and Air Massage System)

The Dual System bathtub contains both the Whirlpool Water Massage System and the Ultrair Air Massage System. This combination water and air massage system is the ultimate in hydro-massage therapy. The water system and the air system can be operated simultaneously or independently of each other for a more personalized bathing experience.

 Soaking Tubs

Any bathtub in Bath-Tec's product line may be purchased as a soaking tub only. Enjoy the pleasure and comfort of a deep soaking bathtub in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colors.

Integral Skirt Tubs

Replacement bathtubs with integral skirt and tile flange. Some models available as whirlpool and air tubs.

  Shower Bases and Shower Seats

Matching acrylic shower bases are available in many sizes and colors. Center drain and end drain models are available to fit most any remodeling application. Barrier free and handicapped shower bases for easy walk-in and wheel chair entry are available.

Tub and Shower Wall Surround Kits

Acrylic wall kits are available for many of Bath-Tec's tubs and shower bases. Manufactured for durability, long life, and ease of installation these 5 piece, seamless corner wall kits with molded in soap dishes and trays enhance the overhead shower capability of Bath-Tec's tubs and bases.

  Faucet Collections

Bath-Tec's bathtub faucet collection is manufactured from solid forged brass (no plastic housings) for beauty, strength and long life. Faucet sets are available in three styles: Roman fountain, Waterfall and Swan. Each style is available as a 3 piece set or as a 5 piece set (including a deck mounted, retractable shower head).

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